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CRLV is an italian business that with the Crillavi brand realises very high quality accessories for animals. The founders’ know-how in luxury industry is at the roots of a pursuit of perfection and of details by devising and then producing objects unique in style and functionality. Crillavi creates products with attention to the dog and perfcet for both a female and male owner.


We do truly believe in Made in Italy! We believe that a product created with Italian raw materials and handcrafted in Italy it is unmatched in the world

We use fine tuscan leather and solid brass accessories solely hand finished by the best artisans such as to make Crillavi products of a superior quality and duration.

CRILLAVI® - CRILLAVI.COM - Accessori, guinzagli e collari di lusso per cani alla moda, fashion, glamour, chic


It is a superior product, made with higher quality and not artificial or chemically processed. It has details of true Made in Italy which make Crillavi products accessories unique in style.

italian luxury patented double leash crafted in vegetable tanned leather